Connect Grizzl-E Smart to Wi-Fi

Verified Network Providers



ChargeLab builds software to power smart electric vehicle charging. ChargeLab helps you connect EV chargers to your smart home, set charging schedules, participate in utility-backed demand response programs, and more.

Download the ChargeLab App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

To connect to ChargeLab follow the guides based on your firmware version:

ChargeLab Grizzl-E Smart Charger Configuration Guide Firmware Version 5.6* (Units with MFG** Date February 1, 2022, and after.)

ChargeLab Grizzl-E Smart Charger Configuration Guide Firmware Version 5.43* (Units with MFG** date before February 1, 2022)

Wi-Fi connectivity guidelines


Your Grizzl-E Smart charger will perform best with a stable and strong Wi-Fi internet connection.

Weak or unstable internet connections can limit performance of EV chargers and prevent communication with your charger.

Basic Requirements

Check your location’s Wi-Fi signal strength to ensure a quality EV charging experience. There are many third-party mobile apps available for testing Wi-Fi signal strength.

For locations that don’t have a sufficiently strong Wi-Fi signal, consider changes to improve signal quality:
1. The simplest solution is to move the Wi-Fi router. It should be as close to your EV chargers as possible.
2. Wi-Fi repeaters or extenders can boost the signal of existing access points.
3. Multiple access points may be required to provide network coverage.