Kia Niro EV EV Charger for Home – Level 2

Kia Niro EV Electric Vehicle charging station for Home - Level 2

Home charger for my Kia Niro EV electric car

Finding a commercial electric vehicle charging station with an available EV parking space is like finding the needle in the haystack. You can’t go far in your Kia Niro EV EV if you end up on the road with a struggling battery and going to the public EV charging stations when on a long trip can be nothing but expensive and time-consuming for many of us.

What if you would be able to get a SUPER FAST instant energy boost for your Kia Niro EV EV battery even relaxing on your couch in your own home? Would you lose that golden opportunity-100% No!
A handy, convenient, and highly affordable home electric vehicle charger equipped with LEVEL 2 fast charging (2x the performance and speed as your slow LEVEL 1 charger that comes with your Kia Niro EV) is the ultimate option that could save you thousands of dollars on expensive public charging fees every month. Built by a company that launches every product after strong R&D, not just made to make a quick buck off of people’s desire for electric cars.

Our easy-to-plug-and-play crazy charging device allows you to charge your Kia Niro EV up to 80% in the fastest time possible. Its solid design offers a maintenance-free experience and is contained in a weatherproof enclosure for safe operation even in harsh conditions. It is designed for High-end use, faster charging, safer and 100% more efficient operation than average chargers on the market today.
The real excitement begins when you get home and drive up your EV to the garage. You plug in your car charger and walk away! After only a few hours of charging you won’t even need to look at the dashboard to know that it is fully charged. When you get ready for the office in the morning, just pop the key into the ignition switch, press START, and drive away without worrying about going out of the battery again.

Do you know what’s best about this amazing device?

It’s fully compatible with Kia Niro EV and delivers a seamless experience for an EV lover. Our products are the best in the market that have achieved the next level of satisfaction by millions of customers in the United States and Canada-they use them for their daily commute and enjoy long trips with their batteries full of juice every time, everywhere!

If you’re tired of spending hours on public charging stations then go for this product and never think of public charging fees again. Why not make your home’s garage an ideal place to charge your EV?

We bet you that you would be satisfied and get a real return on investment!