Warranty Policy

Warranty and Product Replacement Policy

Warranty Terms and Conditions

We are an authorized reseller for Grizzl-E and United Chargers

All United Chargers products are covered by either a 3-year or 5-year replacement warranty. United Chargers warrants that, when used under normal operating conditions, our charging station will be free from any defects in materials or workmanship for the period specified in the warranty, of three (3) or five (5) years from the date of original purchase. If, during the Warranty Period, under normal operating conditions, your charging station becomes defective United Chargers will, upon written notice of the defect received during the Warranty Period, replace the charging station, until the defect is resolved.

The Warranty period begins at the date of original purchase, as indicated on the purchase invoice, and ends on the same date after the three (3) or five (5) year period specified on the warranty. After the expiration of the warranty period, United Chargers will not provide replacement charging stations or technical support services for defective chargers. United Chargers will accept returns of any charging station found to be past the warranty period and sell a new unit at the Manufacturer’s Retail Price as indicated on the website store. Any replacement charging station will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period.

This warranty will not apply if the product has been misused, abused, or altered. The warranty will not apply if the unit was not properly installed or maintained. The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents, or normal aging. The warranty does not cover damage as a result of an extreme power surge, extreme electromagnetic field, or any acts of nature. The Warranty for the cable does not include normal tear and wear. Plugs that have been exposed to snow or water for a prolonged period of time are not covered by this warranty. The warranty will apply only if the product is defective.  

United Chargers does not provide replacement components as part of this warranty. For any warranty claim, United Chargers will provide a complete unit to replace the defective unit. Replacement J1772 output cables can be purchased on the evspeedchargers.com and residentialchargingstations.com website. United Chargers does not replace or repair any electrical components inside the enclosure of the charging station.

This warranty does not cover the use of the charging station in a way other than as specified by United Chargers. United Chargers does not warrant design, merchantability, or fitness for particular purposes. United Chargers does not guarantee any modification to the charger including, but not limited to changes to the input cable or Electrical Circuit / Input Power Requirements stated in the user manual. Before performing any alteration, disassembly, or modification of the charging station obtain written permission from United Chargers.

United Chargers does not guarantee that Wi-Fi-connected smart units will be compatible with all Wireless Access Points or that Wi-Fi Connected smart units will be able to establish an internet connection with all Wi-Fi networks. United Chargers does not Warrant that any software services, including ChargeLab or other software services for Wi-Fi-connected Smart Units, will be error-free or operate without interruption. This warranty does not cover damage to any Wi-Fi-connected charging station caused by any software provider.

The warranty claimant must produce the original purchase invoice including the date of purchase. United Chargers will accept warranty claims from third-party sellers if the original purchase invoice is provided. The Warranty on your charging station shall not apply if the original identification markings (for example, serial numbers and trademarks) have been defaced, altered, or removed.

For all products that are under warranty, United Chargers will issue a replacement unit. The Warranty covers the full cost of the replacement charging station including shipping and handling for both the replacement unit and, the return shipping for the defective unit. The Warranty does not include any on-site labor costs related to uninstalling or reinstalling the replacement charging station. United Chargers assumes no liability for any dismantling, removal, installation, re-installation, labor costs, or any consequential damages associated with this warranty. United Chargers is not responsible or liable for any costs associated with faulty installations. United Chargers is not liable for any indirect, incidental, or special damages caused by a defective station. This includes but is not limited to loss of use, loss of profits, or other costs incurred through the inability to use the charging station. The cumulative liability of United Chargers for warranty claims will not exceed the original price of the charging station. Warranty claims made within 60 days from purchase will be replaced with a new unit. Warranty claims made after 60 days will be replaced with a refurbished unit. If the exact charging station model is no longer manufactured by United Charger, a charging station with substantially similar functionality will be provided as the replacement unit.


Claim Warranty Service

To Obtain Warranty Service

Go to https://grizzl-e.com/technical-support/ and create a New Ticket. Ensure the following information is on the ticket before submitting:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email Address
  • Customer Address
  • Customer City
  • Customer State/Province
  • Customer Country
  • Charger Model Number
  • Charger Serial Number
  • A detailed description of the problems you are experiencing with the charging

If United Chargers determines that the defect appears to be covered by your Warranty and your Warranty is still in effect you will be provided a replacement charger. A replacement charger of the same model number will be sent to your shipping address and a return label will be provided to ship the defective unit back. The defective charging station must be returned in its original shipping box or in another shipping container designed to prevent damage to the charging station.